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A disparate group of fanatics, striving heroes, realists and rebels.  


We believe that at the heart of what makes a great game or experience are the people that you share it with.


To this end, we are building a strong community that can listen-in on its own media and game reviews, flailing RPG adventures and keep up to date on the latest releases and Esports.


A community that can game in its own online fireteams and LAN gaming events as well as meet up at ‘real world’ conventions, competitions and expos.


A community that helps itself grow by sharing its time, advice, resources and ideas.  


We are building a network and a platform where like-minded people can join, game and build.


We are the bored engineers, impractical scientists, hubristic idealists and gregarious gamers.


We are Mosaic Gaming Network,


It’s nice to meet you.

Matthew Manser

PointsOfData / Manser


Lost in virtual worlds from a young age, driven by my passion for gaming, technology and space. Almost as happy online with friends as I am soaking up solitude tinkering and building. Have sold my soul to Dispater for the greater good.

Rebecca Emery

Seditious01 / 3mery


RPGs are my jam, my heart lies in D&D, i don’t like cheesecake, books over TV, The Empire Strikes Back, a high elf fighter/magic-user, sweet and salty popcorn, Scum and Villainy, sniper rifle with a shotgun and of course i want to order dessert.

Matt Williams

Izekiel Fel


Imperialist. Order. The fallen angel, the cipher, the paladin. The overly serious one with a passion for fart jokes. Accept no substitute. Warning: May throw small children to save them from fires - Results can vary.

Andrew Keil



I've been a gamer and SciFi geek since I've been old enough to hold a joystick, throw a die, disassemble something electrical, or look up at the stars in the sky and wonder. My gaming genres are anything from modern MMOs, a good game of Quake 2 and football on 8 PCs squished into a living room

Dave Manser

Steely Glint / Khal Ynnoth


I love to know how things work, build things and have a laugh with my friends and family. I’m an eclectic player of all games but tend towards the crunchy by choice. Almost 40 (going on 29) gamer, puzzler solver, engineer, scientist, dad.

Mosaic Gaming Network Limited is a registered LTD company - Company number 11845985

74 Paynesdown Road, Thatcham, United Kingdom, RG19 3SG

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