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Violent Delights is the first 5ed D&D Podcast, played by the Rolling with the Regulars crew here at Mosaic Gaming Network.


The game is run by Rebecca Emery (Dungeon Master) and comprises the convoluted tale and entwined fates of: Blatt Blanser, Thrakk Crescenthammer, Grimwaldo Cogswork, Zildin Sek-Hunnaith, Rohandral and Pipluck.


The story begins with all the characters, minus Zildin, located at ‘The Minotaurs Head’ tavern in the underdark town of Elrahai. This tavern is owned and run by the dwarven barbarian Thrakk Crescenthammer who enters the game undertaking his barkeeping duties.  


Violent Delights has been our ‘Regs’ crew’s labour of love for several years and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing.  

Arc 1: An Optimistic Inauguration

Arc 2: Sands And Sensibilities 

Arc 3: Problems In Paranthia

Arc 4: The Long Road East

Arc 5: Dwarven Hospitality

Arc 6: The Webs We Weave

Our favorite experience of playing D&D, and how this podcast is structured, is with the personalized creation of homebrew storylore. That is, creating the mythos, lands and political structures we want to live and play in. This allows for breathing room, creative freedom, poetic license and a certain DM’s discretion that we feel transforms a game into a more personal experience. To navigate through the mythos, lands and political structures we have created, we utilise, respect and, hopefully abide by, the 5ed. Dungeons and Dragons Wizards of the Sword Coast game mechanics and rules. If you wish to have a look at our homebrew content to keep track of the story, or use for your own game, please feel free. We do not claim to own any rights to anything produced by Wizards of the Sword Coast.

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