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UK Board Games Expo 2018

As is becoming tradition, part of the team headed up to the NEC in Birmingham to check out the annual UK Games Expo.

In its 12th year and with over 300 exhibitors the expo is growing every year and there is always so much to do.

The expo features countless tabletop games, cosplay, viking reenactments, and loads of open gaming space. Perfect to test out your new purchases! The expo provides a great day out (or 3!) for anyone interested in gaming.

Picture of the team at the expo
Excited to be here!

We headed up on the Saturday to check out the trade halls and try our hand at a few of the games on show.

Plenty of choices

After arriving at the Expo and managing to find each other in the crowds, we set out to explore! Matt couldn't wait to check out the new version of the X-wing miniatures game. Sin did his usual disappearing act and ended up playing 'Echidna Shuffle' with the game's creator.

Ginormous Pandemic!
Ginormous Pandemic!

Roll and play

After a look round the trade halls and a few initial purchases we headed over to the role-playing section of the expo. It's hard to believe a few years ago the whole expo was contained within this nearby hotel alone! We checked out the street food section outside the hotel and then set ourselves up for a quick AD&D session in the open gaming area.


Scouring the boards

Later on we waded back into the trade halls to try out a few further games, with a heated session of Patchwork and some excellent team play in a giant-sized version of 'Flick 'em up: Dead of Winter'. Then we had time for a last quick burst of shopping before we were all far to knackered to continue.

Good game!

As usual, the expo impresses with the volume and variety of things on offer. We're already thinking we will have to extend our visit next time as we missed out on so much that we had wanted to see. All in all a great time was had and the expo continues to be highly recommended for anyone interested in board games, role playing or a fun and varied day out.

Find out more about the UK Game Expo at their website.

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